Structural improvement in children’s palliative care
The PAL Foundation (PALliative care for children) is committed to improve palliative care for children in the Netherlands: care with the aim to give a child with a life threatening or life limiting illness the highest possible quality of life. This care requires a coordinated approach to support the whole family in this difficult process. Specific knowledge and skills are needed to streamline such a process, and these are sorely needed in the Netherlands.

The PAL Foundation is committed to increase and spread children’s palliative care expertise, both by training and bringing together professionals, and by initiating and developing good practices and research. Learn more about some of our projects.

Emma Home team
The Emma Home team is an initiative of the PAL Foundation, in collaboration with the Emma Children’s Hospital AMC, a section of the Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam. With the Emma Children’s Hospital AMC the PAL Foundation has found a partner who shares the overarching goal of contributing to a structural improvement in children’s palliative care in the Netherlands. On the basis of this project a model will be developed with the provision of expert children’s palliative care guaranteed, regardless of where the child is located.

Parents: “The commitment, expertise and accessibility are a great support for us…..we can always call..”

The Emma Home team takes palliative care to children in the Netherlands

ICPCN news july 2013

The bridge between hospital and home 
Emma Home eam brochure page 6-9

What does the Emma Home team do?
Emma Home team brochure page 10-11

Taking care of Wesley together
Emma Home team brochure page 22-25

First regional children’s palliative care network

The first regional network to improve children’s palliative care in The Netherlands is life!
The network Holland Rijnland is designed to strengthen the collaboration and coordination for families with a child with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness in the region.

The goal of the network is to stimulate comprehensive support not only for seriously ill children but also for their parents/guardians and siblings.

First regional network to improve children’s palliative care in The Netherlands 
E-hospice.com july 2014

App to support caregivers

A graduation student from the TUDelft is developing an app in cooperation with the PAL foundation to emotionally support caregivers in children's palliative care. From her research many issues and challenges were found that caregivers have to deal with in their work. While dealing with these issues and challenges, caregivers often do not reflect on their feelings. This has a negative influence on their well-being and the provided care. The app helps caregivers to tell their story, explore their feelings and reflect on them, in a way that is accessible and fits their daily practice.
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